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College Planning Services
  • The Federal Student Aid Web site,, has free college planning resources including information on federal student financial aid, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forecaster form, a college matching tool, and a college savings calculator.
  • The College Board has a student search service that helps match your child to colleges. The Web site also contains a scholarship search that enables students to search for private and public scholarships, get a detailed cost of different colleges and universities and scholarship information, and calculate their family's Expected Family Contribution. The Scholarship Search feature is available at
  • Petersons has a service to match a college to your child's goals and aspirations, as well as a scholarship search feature. These services can be found at
  • The Princeton Review is a resource that can help your child search for the right college or graduate school, as well as assist him or her in planning a career. Your child should check out the Web site at
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